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The RainWise Program emails its Contractor News and Tips newsletter to RainWise contractors every two months. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide contractors with important program updates and events. If you are a RainWise contractor and you are not receiving the newsletter by email, please contact us at rainwise@seattle.gov to let us know. Please also let us know if you change your email. We want to make sure we are sending the newsletter to the right place!

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 January 2017– Includes 2016 program recap and contracting trainer updates.

 March 2017– Addresses tax questions about RainWise rebates, introduces additional maintenance resources, and outlines focus areas for 2017.

May 2017– Includes quarterly report, talks cisterns supply challenges, and covers rebate calculation changes.


January 2016 – Includes a change to the invoice cost breakdown requirement

March 2016 – Includes expansion of the RainWise Access Grant Program and an explanation of the tax status of the RainWise rebate.

May 2016 – Includes RainWise policies for homes for sale.

July 2016 – Includes a clarification of the 3 foot path requirement and the opening of King County’s Montlake/Capitol Hill basin.

September 2016 – Includes a new form to increase customer understanding of rebate requirements, clarification about the eligibility of properties built after 1979, and an update to the rebate package to capture language preferences.

November 2016 – Includes a description of the outreach consultants that work for RainWise and the results from our annual customer survey.


September 2015 – This newsletter includes the answer to the frequently asked question: Is a recently remodeled house eligible for RainWise?

November 2015 – Includes an announcement of the Pilot Access Loan and the timeline for closing King County’s Barton/Fauntleroy basin.