Public-Private Investments

King County and Seattle Public Utilities seek to leverage stormwater investments through partnerships with community groups, private development, small businesses, and others to fund, design, and build innovative, large-scale green stormwater infrastructure projects.
How can private landowners, community organizations or developers join forces with the City and County to improve water quality in our neighborhoods?

If you are a private landowner, you can see your eligibility for RainWise rebates here.

Other available incentive programs, such as the Green Stormwater Infrastructure Mini Grants, can be found on the 12,000 Rain Gardens website. A full list of incentive programs in the region can be found on their incentives page here. For additional information, view their resource page here.

How are public-private partnerships funded?

Voluntary projects on private or public land are developed and funded by entities other than Seattle Public Utilities or King County Wastewater Treatment Division. Funding sources include private foundations, private developers, state or federal grants, and local agency funding via the Municipal or County budget. Examples include voluntary projects funded and built by the Seattle Department of Transportation, Metropolitan Parks District, private developers, or community organizations.