Working Together to Reduce Polluted Runoff with Green Stormwater Infrastructure

The Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) industry not only produces natural and sustainable solutions for stormwater management – it also provides opportunities for living-wage jobs. Expertise in the design, construction, and maintenance of green infrastructure is growing in demand. Design and construction in GSI offers rewarding and financially stable jobs. Landscapers with operations and maintenance (O&M) specialization can start in entry-level positions with a clear path to higher-paying careers in our clean water utilities. Since access to living-wage employment is a main determinant of health, job training in the growing GSI industry offers widespread advantages.
Community Partnerships
King County and Seattle Public Utilities offer several grant and incentive programs for community partners to bring green solutions to parks, schools, community centers and private property.
Public-Private Investments
King County and Seattle Public Utilities seek to leverage stormwater investments through partnerships with community groups, private development, small businesses, and others to fund, design, and build innovative, large-scale green stormwater infrastructure projects.
Code-Required Projects
The City of Seattle Stormwater Code requires construction projects to manage stormwater from project sites before it enters the City’s system. Compliance with the Stormwater Code reduces, slows and cleans runoff that eventually ends up in our waterways.
Utility Projects
King County Wastewater Treatment Division and Seattle Public Utilities build and maintain large-scale projects in the public right-of-way that manage rain water on streets, sidewalks and landscapes. In addition, cross-sector partnerships strengthen green stormwater infrastructure projects.

Projects Around You