On-going maintenance is essential to keep your RainWise installation working properly. We are counting on your RainWise project to prevent polluted stormwater from going into our waterways. Your cistern and/or rain garden is made possible with public funds. In return, RainWise requires homeowners to maintain their RainWise project for five years.

Cistern Maintenance

Maintaining your cistern is easy! We have several resources for you to learn how to take care of your cistern installation.

Visit the cistern maintenance page

Rain Garden Maintenance

Rain gardens require routine maintenance that even a amateur gardener can do! We have several resources to help you maintain your RainWise rain garden.

Visit the rain garden maintenance page

Understand Your RainWise Commitment

Read the RainWise Homeowner Agreement, which customers sign before receiving a rebate.

Inform the next homeowner about RainWise

If you are selling your home which has a RainWise installation, please email us at rainwise@seattle.gov. Your RainWise project must be listed in your Seller’s Disclosure Form to let the next owner know about your cistern and/or rain garden.


Not sure where to find arborists’ wood chips for fresh mulch? Need help with rain garden plants and weeds? Wondering how often or how long to water your new rain garden? Contact the Garden Hotline at 206-633-0224 or help@gardenhotline.org

Multi-lingual service provided.

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