case study

Metropolitan Management: Barton Court & Bostonian Apartments

"This project shows the impact of large roofs, as one roof like this has easily as much impact as five or six households participating in RainWise. Met Management wants to make a statement that they care about these environmental issues.”"
- HomeGrown Organics
Project Facts
HomeGrown Organics
Barton Court: 3 cisterns, Bostonian Apts: 2 cisterns
Roof Captured
Barton Court: 2,001 sf, Bostonian Apts: 3,268 sf
Amount Rebated
Barton Court: $5,622, Bostonian Apts: $8,137
Project Summary

Metropolitan Management Co. manages 45 properties in Seattle and even more outside the city. Two of their properties, Barton Court, located in the Barton neighborhood of West Seattle, and Bostonian Apartments in Capitol Hill, became RainWise in recent years. The project

  • manages rainwater runoff from almost 5,300 combined square feet of flat roof area,
  • provides detention and infiltration of the existing roof area,
  • protects Puget Sound from combined sewer system overflows, and
  • serves as an example to other property management companies to become RainWise.

Project completion was in 2016 and 2017, with a combined rebate total of $13,759.98 covered by the RainWise rebate program.

Project Specifications

Barton Court 

One 205-gallon cistern receiving 600 square feet of roof area, one 205-gallon cistern receiving 660 square feet of roof area and one 265-gallon cistern receiving 741 square feet of roof area. All cisterns overflow to side sewer.

Bostonian Apartments 

Two hidden 530-gallon cisterns receiveing a total of 3,268 square feet of roof area.

Customer Relationship Building

In July 2015, RainWise reached out Blake Sommerville of Metropolitan Management. Blake expressed great interest in the RainWise program, with four of the properties that he manages being RainWise eligible. The RainWise outreach team sent out a request for contractors and John Coghlan from HomeGrown Organics saw the opportunity and provided a consultation and site design for Barton Court Apartments. The collaboration forged a relationship between Blake and the RainWise team.

With that in mind, Blake decided to have the rest of his eligible buildings become RainWise and entrusted the same contractor, John, to take on those projects. This included Bostonian Apartments, Laura May and Maxwell Apartments. Blake also volunteered to connect us with other Metropolitan Management eligible properties even though he is not the manager.

RainWise now has a happy customer who is willing to help promote the program and represent a success story to our future customers. The RainWise program is dedicated to building positive customer relationships to maintain the image of RainWise. Our outreach team strives to help RainWise customers get the most out of the rebate so that they can focus on being part of this positive environmental solution.