case study

Maria M, RainWise Homeowner

"Getting RainWise could not have been easier! I learned about the program via mailer and I went online right away. I noticed that one contractor was right up the street, so I gave them a call. My contractor handled everything for me – all I did was sign my name!""
- Maria M, RainWise Homeowner
Project Facts
Monsoon Rain Gardens
1 rain garden
Roof Captured
522 square feet
Amount Rebated
Project Summary

The number one motivator for Maria was aesthetics. She loves to look at pretty things (who doesn’t?) and her rain garden is both beautiful and functional. Her neighbors often drop by to compliment the installation – which helps keep pollution out of Puget Sound. Maria loves the variety of plants and loves watching the rain garden fill up and quickly drain in heavy rains. We are so happy Maria is RainWise!