case study

Lovet, RainWise Homeowner

""RainWise is good for the environment and it’s good for me too!""
- Lovet, RainWise Homeowner
Project Facts
Roof Captured
Amount Rebated
Interview with Lovet

A lot of neighbors notice my rain garden and cistern. They say they like the container. Some of them have a small yard so they don’t have room for a rain garden but would love to be able to store rain water and use it.

I just heard about it from Sophorn who works at ECOSS. She called me and then after that I met with her and I was interested in doing it. The contractor was good. We had a lot of discussion about the project and it turned out very nice. I like it. My favorite thing is my 205 gallon cistern. I use it for the garden and for my vegetables in the back. I plant mint, green onion, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, green beans, cucumber, and lemongrass—all the herbs I need for cooking. I also plant flowers. I just use a little bucket to get water from my cistern and water everything. 

RainWise is good for the environment and it’s good for me too; I save some money. I use the water to water my plants and vegetables. And at the same time I save the environment. I think it’s a wonderful thing to do, I love it.