case study

Julie, RainWise Homeowner

"“Our neighbors got RainWise, so we decided to look into it. Our basement would flood, and we wanted to better manage the water on the street. We haven't had any flooding since we and our neighbors put in RainWise!”"
- Julie, RainWise Homeowner
Project Facts
HomeGrown Organics
1 rain garden, 1 cistern
Roof Captured
1,260 square feet
Amount Rebated
Project Summary

Julie was inspired to get RainWise in 2018 after her neighbors went through the program. Her yard was overgrown with plants from the previous owner and needed a revamp. She worked with HomeGrown Organics to install a rain garden and a cistern to help better manage the large amount of water in her neighborhood. She used to have a rain barrel that would run out mid- summer, but now her cistern lasts all season for watering.

We are so excited that Julie is RainWise!