case study

George and Elizabeth, RainWise Homeowner

"“We are proud of the end result that we helped design. We love that we are doing something good for the earth, as well as providing a beautiful garden for the tenants who currently live in the boarding house.”"
- George & Elizabeth
Project Facts
Rebate included: Six rain gardens and two cisterns
Designed by Rain Dog Designs
3,686 square feet of roof runoff captured

“When we purchased the historic 1890’s Montan Boarding House, we were excited to put our own personal touch on the property and wanted to do that with RainWise. The building housed a speakeasy in the 1920’s, a barbershop in the 1930’s, and Boeing Rosie-the-Riveters in the 1940’s before the huge yard was transformed into an artist’s lush paradise in the 1990’s.

We worked alongside the landscape architects to design six rain gardens that showed off the wide variety of native plants available in the Pacific Northwest. Our contractors worked to ensure that the gardens blended in with the rest of our yard and reflected our desire for a more natural look.”

The idea of adding cisterns and developing a sustainable watering system fit with our environmental ideals and desire to maintain the historic property for the sake of the neighborhood. Helping resolve the larger issue of drainage in the community was just icing on the cake.”