case study

Denise, RainWise Homeowner

"“I had been thinking about doing something with my yard and RainWise ended up being a great solution!""
- Denise, RainWise Homeowner
Project Facts
LadyBird Design
1 rain garden, 1 cistern
Roof Captured
864 square feet
Amount Rebated
Project Summary

Denise told us, “for my rain garden, I wanted it to be organized but not too set up — my contractor did a great job of listening to me and creating exactly the garden I wanted. I just love showing it off!”

Rainwater flows from Denise’s roof to her cistern where it can be stored for later use. During heavy rains, pipes connecting the cistern to the rain garden allow extra water to flow into the rain garden where it will pool up.

Denise uses her 205 gallons of stored cistern water for everything — even washing her car! In the summer, she has some free water for her yard!