Contractor Skill-Building

The RainWise program’s Contractor Skill-Building page is designed to help increase contractors’ skills and capacity so that they can build more successful RainWise installations and incorporate RainWise as a profit-making part of their business. 

Please email rainwise@seattle.gov with any questions. 

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Contractor Skill-Building Series: Launch Your RainWise Business

This five-module series can help prospective RainWise contractors evaluate and leverage their abilities, resources, and readiness to start, maintain, and grow a RainWise contractor business. If you haven’t formed your business yet, or are a newer business this series is for YOU!

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Module 1: Get Your RainWise Business Ready

This module’s objective is to help you become a RainWise contractor and make a positive difference for not only your business, but also for our shared community and environment.

Module 2: Start Your RainWise Business

This module’s objective is to help you incorporate RainWise successfully into your business.

Module 3: Your Friends in Government

This module’s objective will be a deep dive into the various local, state and Federal government agencies that you will be interacting with as a RainWise contractor, including tax payments and when and how to file and resources to learn more.

Module 4: Hire People for Your Business

This module’s objective is to help you become a successful RainWise contractor and figure out what the labor pool of your business looks like.

Module 5: Estimating and Invoicing

This module’s objective is to help you work with clients on the process of your business being hired to put in their RainWise installation, and how to estimate and deliver a mutually beneficial product.

Contractor Skill-Building Series: Educational Webinars

These webinars are for current and prospective RainWise contractors and are held virtually using the Zoom Webinar platform. Recording are located on YouTube.

Building a RainWise Rain Garden

Watch the recording to learn the basics of Building a RainWise Rain Garden with Kat with a K Landscaping. You will learn the basics of preliminary planning and design, excavation best practices, and how to complete the installation for a rain garden. BONUS: How to connect a cistern to a rain garden!

Getting Your RainWise Business Online

Watch this recording of the Contractor Skill-Building Webinar to learn strategies to getting your RainWise business online. Join RainWise outreach team members to go through useful platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook Business, Yelp, Houzz, and more!

Design Challenges – How do you make it work?

Watch this webinar with RainWise contractor Roseann Barnhill of Dirt Corps to learn more about the challenges when installing a RainWise project. Also, you will learn how to complete an initial site design for a RainWise project.

Cistern Installation Basics – Dry fit and Pipe Gluing

Watch this webinar where you will join Jake Harris of Stone Soup Gardens to learn about the basics of installing a cistern system. At this webinar, you will learn how to dry-fit a cistern installation, pipe-gluing techniques, and more!