case study

Peace Lutheran Church

"In 2014, our church joined Earth Ministry and became a greening congregation.  When we saw the  RainWise flyer and got the call from King County, we were ready to say yes to the project."
- Pastor Erik Kindem
Project Facts
Wenger Designs
5 cisterns, 2 rain gardens
Roof Captured
6,505 square feet
Amount Rebated
Project Summary

The Peace Lutheran Church ministry and congregation, located in the Fauntleroy/Gatewood neighborhood, incorporatedsocial and environmental stewardship as a practice of their faith through the RainWise rebate program. The project

  • had community participation throughout multiple phases,
  • is a demonstration site for future RainWise big roof projects,
  • provides detention and infiltration of the existing roof area into the pollinator friendly gardens, and
  • protects Puget Sound from combined sewer system overflows.

The installation was completed in 2016, with a total of $22,099 covered by the RainWise rebate program.

Project Specifications

Phase 1 consisted of 6,505 ft2of roof area captured by two 530-gallon cisterns to a rain garden, with two outfalls to the sidewalk along 39thAve NW.

Phase 2 installed a second rain garden, with two outfalls to the sidewalk on SW Thistle Street.

Phase 3 installed three 420-gallon cisterns with outlet to side sewer to complete the multi-phase project.

Community Engagement

Members of the congregation were engaged throughout the decision-making process. Organized work parties designed and supported the new gardens and cistern installations. Upon completion, a community gathering blessed the new gardens

After their gardens and cisterns were in the ground, the church continued to support the RainWise program and advocate for other large roofs and community buildings in the neighborhood to take part in the solution of combined sewer overflows. The impact of this RainWise project at Peace Lutheran is far-reaching and continues to grow, due to the commitment and passion of the congregation and its leaders.