case study

Nancy, RainWise Homeowner

"“I think that the local community is becoming more attuned to the sewer problem after heavy rains - I see more and more RainWise signs in my neighborhood. I got RainWise because I am concerned about what goes into the storm drains. My house collects a lot of water, so it seemed like a natural fit!”"
- Nancy, RainWise Homeowner
Project Facts
Monsoon Rain Gardens
1 cistern
Roof Captured
819 square feet
Amount Rebated
Project Summary

Nancy got RainWise in 2018 with the help of RainWise contractor, Monsoon Rain Gardens. Monsoon installed a 205-gallon cistern on the backside of her house, with proximity to her lush garden. One tip that Nancy recommends is if you need to do gutter work and are interested in RainWise, do them together! This saves time and money for both projects than done separate. Her cistern is worry-free and only took about a day to install. She uses the water for summer irrigation and encourages others to go through the program.

We are so excited Nancy chose RainWise!