case study

Majken and Mike, RainWise Homeowner

"“Our favorite thing about being RainWise is that when we’re watering, we aren’t using water that doesn’t need to be used.”"
- – Majken
Project Facts
Rebate included two 205-gallon cisterns
Designed by Monsoon Rain Gardens
1,463 square feet of roof runoff captured
Rebate: $3,813 (100% of project cost)

When Majken and Mike heard about RainWise, they were eager to learn more.

“We wanted to do what we could for the environment and thought our property might qualify for either cisterns or a rain garden,” said Majken.

They contacted Monsoon Rain Gardens, after seeing their sign at a nearby rain garden. “It turned out our yard was best for cisterns only so we got those, and they are great,” said Majken. “Our contractor handled everything, it was super easy – and the cisterns are tucked away out of sight. Catching all that rain water and putting it to use in our garden so it doesn’t add to the stormwater problem feels great!”